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Psychology Services

At Honour Health, we believe in supporting wellness of the whole person, and we believe this includes our mental, emotional, spiritual, and relational health. We offer psychology services in order to support these aspects of healing  and wellness.


While each of our therapists may offer different modalities, our overall approach honours the importance of the mind, body and spirit in healing. Many of our therapists will use both client-centred and somatic practices in session. A client-centered approach means that each session is catered to what you need, and the therapist will adapt their approach  to what your goals are.

Somatic psychotherapies bring our bodies, our senses, movements, and posture into the therapy process and can help heal trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, attachment concerns, and more. These types of therapies work on the neurobiological level to help create emotional healing,  in that they can help us honour our body’s natural reaction to stress, threat, and harm, and then create shifts in our nervous system’s response when we are in a place of safety. We can change the way our body and nervous system respond to stressors, relationships, memories, triggers, and traumas in our life by rewiring neurological connections in our brain. 

Somatic psychotherapies can go beyond trauma healing and create wellbeing,  because each and every time we consciously  use our skill of interoception (the brain’s ability to feel inside our body, like how we sense hunger in our bellies), we build a connection, relationship, and attachment to ourselves. Moreover, when we use interoception, we engage the part of our brain that can help us to regulate our emotional experiences.

In a typical session, a somatic psychotherapist may track your body’s reactions to different experiences and encourage you to use your senses, felt sense, movements, posture, in addition to your thoughts, memories, stories and internal images to explore experiences. You may also be encouraged to explore resources in your body that move towards what is needed for healing and wellness, with the idea that we can honour the body’s inherent wisdom, knowledge, and desire to move toward safety.

Some Examples of Conditions Treated

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