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How We Work

At Honour Health we are:

Client Centered

Every session is catered to what you need, and the therapist will adapt their approach to what your goals are.


The collaborative approach: upon completing your intake and consent forms, we will review your case and collaborate to discuss which therapies would be most beneficial. We will create and recommend a treatment plan for you, and with your approval, our staff will book your treatments. 


What's the difference between booking multiple services on my own and the collaborative approach? 

The difference is we require your consent to discuss your treatment between therapists.  Without consent, your information is kept confidential and is protected by your therapist. Even if you see more than one therapist in our clinic, your records are still kept private with each individual therapist and no information is ever shared. 


Can I sign a consent to collaborate later? 

Yes. Maybe you've got some great pieces to the puzzle and now we need to move them a little closer together. Consent to collaborate will allow your therapists to review and discuss your treatments and make modifications where necessary. It'll allow us to "fine-tune" your treatments.

Trauma informed

We acknowledge and are aware of the stressors and traumas that individuals may be carrying, and are committed to creating and maintaining a safe space for our clients, which includes taking care of and regulating our own nervous systems. We are committed to ongoing education and training in trauma-informed practices and are committed to ethical and just practices.


We honour mind, body, and spiritual health as important aspects for healing and wellbeing.

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